Theatres in London 2021, and accessibility.

My name is Kevan, and I already host one of the best pub history sites in the UK, in particular London and the south east. I struggle with walking up stairs, and also long distances – and therefore this is my guide of visiting London whilst using London transport links. I can be harsh, but … Read more

Liverpool street, Elizabeth line and the correct, and sensible, way to exit to Moorgate

I visited this station yesterday, and took a rather stupid exit at the end of the train which landed me in the Northern line, which is notoriously inaccessible in many places. Today, the 15th June 2022, I had another go at this, and stayed more central in the train, and took the very obvious exits, … Read more

Liverpool street and the brand new Elizabeth line

I popped into London on the 14th June to visit Canary wharf and the Elizabeth line. I travel in via the c2c to Limehouse, and 20 steps gets me onto the DLR towards Lewisham, and hey presto, we are in Canary wharf. I am documenting this network hub on another post. I then wandered down … Read more

Canary wharf and the brand new Elizabeth line through central London

I know that Canary wharf has been an important centre of banking for some years. But more importantly, it is now a major travel junction. It is home to the DLR station, the Jubilee station and now the Elizabeth line station. It also has a link to the Thames clipper wharf aka the Uber Thames … Read more

Elizabeth line, British museum and the Serpentine

It is the 1st of June 2022, and the Elizabeth line opened less than a couple of weeks ago. I am still testing the best way to use the new train line and offer advice on accessible routes. I have a hidden disability where I can only walk or climb to my limit. Lets test … Read more

Elizabeth Line, the first day, Abbey Wood to Paddington.

It is Tuesday, 24th May 2022, and the first day of the Elizabeth line being open through central London. And as luck would have it, I had an important meeting in Chelsea late in the afternoon. I struggle with stairs, and also walking distances, for health reasons, and I share some of my important findings … Read more

DLR line, Limehouse, Elizabeth line and accessible London

I travel into London from Upminster, on the c2c, and often end up in Fenchurch street, from where I will take a bus across London. The front entrance of Fenchurch street station has lifts, escalators and a toilet. All are very good, and very accessible. Upminster station, on the c2c, has lifts, ramps for those … Read more

Accessible stations and travel in TFL London

My name is Kevan Wilding, and I like visiting London as often as possible. I am a London resident and travel free on their service most of the time, and I have been building a site about which stations are most accessible, and therefore which stations I would want to use, and the easiest routes … Read more

Public toilets in London

There seems to be a shortage of public toilets where ever I go. TFL and British Rail tend to be the best, and the worst are in London generally, unless you fancy a pint of beer. To add to the list of publicly available toilets are those at Trafalgar square, and also those in St … Read more

Sainsbury parking and accessibility

This is probably not an issue at all Sainsbury stores, as I am sure they are keen to welcome those with accessibility issues to spend their money in their stores. I know, we are a dieing breed, the good old disabled community who just want a reasonable deal whilst spending our money. The new Sainsbury … Read more