I struggled to find a toilet a couple of weeks ago whilst walking in London. I don’t walk very far, or fast, with about ten thousand steps currently being my absolute limit. I was managing less than two miles not that long ago; not everyone can walk for miles. Its irrelevant, but here are some of my recommendations for finding public toilets. I am also adding some suggestions from a London facebook group I post on.

I use the c2c, and no doubt many of the overground lines have something similar, but in the front carriage which is also for cyclists and space for wheelchair users, there is a toilet, a big round one.

If you enter this loo, the door will eventually close on you, and there are some buttons allowing you to open and close this door, and also lock it. Once you have found these buttons on the wall, you then know how it all works.

A toliet on an c2c train in the front carriage, and lots of room for cycles and wheelchairs etc in July 2021
A toliet on an c2c train in the front carriage, and lots of room for cycles and wheelchairs etc in July 2021

Before I mention anything else, avoid Bank station for anything, its a nightmare and probably a deathtrap. There are no toilets, but also many deadends end up with lots of stairs to access platforms after a blooming long walk. In fact this is the case with much if not all of the Northern line.

In Fenchurch street station, if you exit / enter via the main entrance there appear to be public toilets at the rear of the entrance hall. They work, and are fine. There is also an accessible toilet which is locked, I think?

At Liverpool street main Railway station, near to Bishopsgate, are toilets on the ground floor of the station for accessible useage. I am not sure if these are locked. The main toilets for everyone, are accessed via stairs down and and an elevator back up, from this floor, and are very clean and friendly. This floor of the station which is on the same level as the railway lines is served by many escalators from the road level, and I am guessing there is also a lift somewhere.

Don’t confuse the main raulway station with the circle and northern line stations which are generally appalling for steps.

The Museum of London, in Bishopsgate, which is only open from Wednesdays to Sundays has a public restaurant near to the entrance, and toliets on the ground floor. I know you need a ticket to enter the museum to view exhibits, and I am not sure if they would allow anyone access to the restaurant, and the toliets.

I have also been advised that there is a toliet in the car park underneath the museum. I did not test this to be correct.

Blackfriars railway station has public toilets in the rail station section, and they appear to make a small charge. It is only 30 pence at present according to signage, and also offers change. I do not actually know if this is correct during covid times. Keep some change handy on visits to London.

Charing Cross station has a food outlet, and some toilets which were down some stairs. This was a year ago or more, and no doubt still the same.

Cannon street rail station has a couple of accessible toliets which are open to anyone, and there is currently a staff person who manages the usage during covid time. These toilets are nice and clean.

I visited Tottenham Court road today in July,, and the brand spanking new station with lifts to many levels does not have any toilets! The crossrail budget must have been too insufficient.

I remember some toilets at Kings Cross station, but it is such a vast concourse area, that it is difficult to recommend to anyone who struggles walking any distances. These toilets were in a shopping area, somewhere.

Kings Cross is notoriously badly signposted, i could not even find where the buses were sited. There were hundreds of taxis available within easy walking distance, less so the buses. The train lines have huge distances between them, and I tend not to use this station. The other station I avoid is Bank, which is appalling.

I worked out the probelm with London TFL buses today, and why there are so many empty buses queuing. It is because there are very few bus stops. Many of the working bus stops do not have any form of timetable even telling you where they are going to, and too many stops are alight-only stops. Many stops are also closed whilst building works go on nearby. Its a mess, and it is quicker to walk across London.

I did have Wetherspoons suggested for public toilets. I lost interest in using their facilities after a visit to their Nottingham branch a couple of years ago to eat, when the menus looked like they carried the plague. I walked out long before I started vomiting, and ate ellsewhere. No doubt their toilet facilites are cleaner. And I am sure not all Wetherspoons are as disgusting.

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