Disability parking at the O2 and accessibility issues – February 2024.

I visited the O2 centre in early February 2024, and as I was travelling down to Hampshire immediately after the strictly come dancing show, I decided to try parking at the O2. I checked out a bit about the access issues and help in getting about. Parking is incredibly expensive as compared to my London60 pass which costs nothing on public transport, but hey ho.

My wife had contacted the assistance team, who appeared brilliant. Apparently there is lots more help once the venue is open, and support assistance is available, but NOT if travelling in early. Fair enough.

My wife had purchased tickets for the strictly show, and so lets enjoy. We thought we would travel up earlier than the actual show, and enjoy a meal somewhere in the venue. This was the original plan, anyway! We did have some sweets.

If anyone knows the Blackwall tunnel, the traffic in the vicinity is awful. We factored this in when travelling into London on the A13, and headed to the O2 and its car parks.

Unfortunately, if you just follow sat nav, you get to a point where you have to turn round and head back towards the Blackwall tunnel, and find the badly signposted alternative direction to the car parks blocked because of the building works. All of this driving is quite wearing, and eventually we arrived in the correct car park, with lots of car park atendants standing around, randomly pointing, and with little idea where to park, apart from the fact that we had a blue badge and could park in the hundreds of disabled spaces. We parked along with all of the other blue badge holders, a huge distance from the O2 centre, because that is what you get offered.

I walked slowly (normal pace), and after a number of walking stops (getting my breath back), arrived in the O2 centre. We did not bother looking for a food venue, and headed for the show. Food venues, please note this loss of revenue.

We had to walk down a considerable number of stairs to get to our booked seats, and it appeared that an exit would be better achieved by leaving at a lower level. My wife again contacted the support team, and they would meet us at the lower level a short while before the show ended, for a hasty get away. One of this support team came and checked we were okay. Thanks.

The show was amazing, and thrilling, and lots of lovely stuff. We left the show about ten minutes before the end, and an amazing guy collected us and pushed a wheel chair with me in, to our car. Brilliant service, thank you.

It was worth parking there in the end, as we still had a two hour drive; but the parking for disabled people at the O2 is diabolical. Next time, we will come by train.

Thanks to the support team who were brilliant, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.