Accessibilty at Moulin Rouge, Piccadilly Theatre absolutely first class, thanks Olly.

A late booking for a weekend in London to see my Doctors at the Royal Brompton after lung reduction surgery led to an email inquiry to the Piccadilly theatres as to availability for London shows on the evening of Saturday 13th April with wheelchair access. The Piccadilly Theatre came through trumps and my wife was furnished with a telephone number to book tickets etc. Easy peazy.

The train station at Piccadilly Circus is entirely inaccessible (40+ steps), and we travelled in by bus and foot to Piccadilly Circus, and stopped for a quick bite in a local Italian restaurant. The only downside to this evening was the fare overcharged by the Bolt App (£30) to get a black cab registering (£20) back to our hotel.

Moulin Rouge before any body on stage.

We arrived at the theatre by 7pm, and joined the queue moving in to the theatre and were redirected to the fire exit / disabled entrance and await our access ambassador, who was called Olly. He arrived very quickly ,and led us into the guts of the theatre and a short route to our own dedicated lift which took us down to one level to our own area with disabled toilet, seating area and access to the stage side. Absolutely incredible.

Well, we were slipped into the theatre from our own personal side room by Olly. This area was also a cheeky little bar at half time. Our seats were in row K, mine was my wheelchair, and the view was outstanding ………..

The performance started immediately with a taster of what was to come, and never stopped giving. It was fantastic. Indescribable.

The spot at the side of the seating was easy to exit from in case of any medical issues, into your own side room.

At the end we were helped out of the theatre via our own exit, our own lift and back to reality.

Absolutely wonderful.