Tottenham court road theatre 2021

The Dominion appears to be a little bereft of other theatres in the immediate neighbourhood, being right close to Tottenham court road. There is a whole lot more to do in the area, including the amazing British Museum. The station at Tottenham court road has just had millions (probably billions) sepnt on making it totally … Read more

Accessible Visits to Londons museums in 2021

London is famous for its museums, most of which are free, and amazing. Keep coming back to check for updates on this article, as I am slowly adding detail. I live in London, and therefore should visit the museums more often than I do, but hey ho. Most of my trips start from Fenchurch street … Read more

Public toilets in London in July 2021 – mostly in railway stations.

I struggled to find a toilet a couple of weeks ago whilst walking in London. I don’t walk very far, or fast, with about ten thousand steps currently being my absolute limit. I was managing less than two miles not that long ago; not everyone can walk for miles. Its irrelevant, but here are some … Read more