Liverpool street, Elizabeth line and the correct, and sensible, way to exit to Moorgate

I visited this station yesterday, and took a rather stupid exit at the end of the train which landed me in the Northern line, which is notoriously inaccessible in many places.

Today, the 15th June 2022, I had another go at this, and stayed more central in the train, and took the very obvious exits, heading for either Moorgate, or the Liverpool street main line station and other lines. It is a bit stupid calling this station the same name, really! They are not that close to each other. and should have called it Boatie McLiverpool street, hey ho.

Anyway, the exit for Moorgate involves a short walk, and a rather whopper of an elevator, followed by another short walk, and another whopper of an elevator; that’s two very long elevators, and I have no idea how deep this tunnel must be, butb it is some way down below London town.

And we exit at Moorgate station, the new one, not the old Northern line Moorgate station. Again, two stations with the same name, although they are both quite close to each other.

From here you are very close to the Barbican, and the current Museum of London before it moves to West Smithfield meat market, and Moorgate crosses the London wall, called the London Wall. If you want to read about the London wall and how to trace it or walk the imaginary path, then read on.