Ryanair, purple parking, Stansted airport and accessibility

My wife and I chose to fly with Ryanair again due to their being an EU airline and less staffing issues. I have to say that Ryanair still needs to improve, but better than others, maybe.

This time, I think I will go back to one of the other airlines, considering how pathetic their staff are. They could not even serve a sandwich on the plane correctly to myself and another person next to me who I do not know.

I have copd stage 4 and therefore have an invisible disability, and I can walk up and down stairs at times. I contacted Ryanair to see whether they could help me travel more confidently and comfortably. I think they need to get one of their executives to try it out, maybe.

Lets start with purple parking meet and greet. This is expensive parking which is park and walk to their terminal, and is totally wrong, and exceptionally nothing like their sales advertising, in fact it is a complete lie. Scumbags.

I contacted Ryanair assistance for help, and they raised a ticket for help at the airport, to the plane only, nothing further.

Once you get to the air terminal, there is an assistance desk, which is brilliant. I received a lanyard, which was a waste of time, but I was also able to tag onto a wheelchair team to fast track me through the airport. I could have had a wheelchair at this point, but turned it down (maybe I shouldn’t have).

The outgoing flight was good.

On coming home, the airport at Verona was aware of my issues, but being a smaller airport I decided to walk to the airplane.

The flight home was spoilt by a very loud gobby flight attendant who was loud and told us nothing useful. It is the major reason I never liked Ryanair as their flights are so noisy!

Arriving at Stansted, Ryanair dropped us on the tarmac, and then a 30 step walk up to the terminal was the only choice. This was for myself, and all of the passengers with pushchairs. I was not singled out for this treatment! Disgraceful.

The walk into the rest of the airport is not so bad. Then the walk to the parking, and fortunately my wife eventually asked the meet and greet team for some help (we had walked all the way to their terminal by this time); and Sebastian 246 came to the rescue, he is one of the Stansted assistance team. He loaded me into a wheelchair and walked me the extra half a mile to our car, a brilliant star.

The moral of this story is that Stansted help is good, Ryanair are rubbish, and Purple parking are totally useless.