DLR line, Limehouse, Elizabeth line and accessible London

I travel into London from Upminster, on the c2c, and often end up in Fenchurch street, from where I will take a bus across London. The front entrance of Fenchurch street station has lifts, escalators and a toilet. All are very good, and very accessible. Upminster station, on the c2c, has lifts, ramps for those … Read more

Accessible stations and travel in TFL London

My name is Kevan Wilding, and I like visiting London as often as possible. I am a London resident and travel free on their service most of the time, and I have been building a site about which stations are most accessible, and therefore which stations I would want to use, and the easiest routes … Read more

Public toilets in London

There seems to be a shortage of public toilets where ever I go. TFL and British Rail tend to be the best, and the worst are in London generally, unless you fancy a pint of beer. To add to the list of publicly available toilets are those at Trafalgar square, and also those in St … Read more