The DDA 2005 suggests that providing a reasonable alternative method of using the service, e.g. the transport for London (TFL) buses and trains, are justified in having 40 to 50 steps in a station, by having alternative and occasional buildings or bus stop which allow access to wheelchair users who have no alternative methods of travel, which is reasonable.
Except the number of bus stops which are continually being closed because of inept management of the service, which is a direct atttack on disabled travel.

I am posting this because whilst building an accessibility site for access to theatres in London, and trying to find a reasonable method of direct travel for the normal wheelchair user, who cannot climb 2 steps, let alone the 40 or 50 steps in many of the London tube undergound statiosn, and being step free is still not an option when travelling in a wheel chair, I thought maybe the excellent London buses would provide an alternative service, except I am regularly seeing the services which a wheelchair user could access are closed, and sometimes multiple bus stops are closed to travel.

I can only presume this is ineptitude by the managers of this service by closing these bus stops, as they never try to offer an alternative bus stop, the bus stop is just closed.

And whilst we are on the subject, did Crossrail run out of budget, and were unable to offer any toilets in the brand new Tottenham court road station? wtf.

If you don’t believe me about the number of London underground statiions which provide 40 to 50 steps to use their wonderful service, check out my accessible stations.

By Kevan