Queens Theatre, Billet lane, Hornchurch RM11

The Queens Theatre in Hornchurch was an old building in Station road when I first moved to Hornchurch. A couple of years later, a brand new theatre was planned and built between North street and Billet lane Hornchurch.

Moving on, I worked in the bar in about 1979 for a brief period. There were some awesome stage shows about this time, including Tommy by the Who. This went to the West End. And much more.

In 1987, I moved back to Hornchurch and have lived here ever since. It is the cheapest part of London to live, for absolutey no reason. Transport links are awesome, including the M25, two Rail lines to London, the underground line, and the only downside is we are close to Romford.

The Queens Theatre is a 1970s built building, with additional adaptations to make it disability aware. The downstairs bar area is also accessible via a lift, as are the toilets. Brilliant.

Today, in 2021, the theatre is coming back to life after covid, and will be the centre of the Passion play put on by Churches in Hornchurch, for the fifth creation.