This is probably not an issue at all Sainsbury stores, as I am sure they are keen to welcome those with accessibility issues to spend their money in their stores.

I know, we are a dieing breed, the good old disabled community who just want a reasonable deal whilst spending our money.

The new Sainsbury mentality appears to be to get a parking company to manage their car parks without any care about who or whom they may upset. That’s it really, Sainsbury are becoming totally devoid of any compassion or empathy towards their customer base.

If this is the case, I might as well go to Tesco, or Lidl or the other cheap companies, as Sainsbury have lost the plot and don’t want the old farts visiting their stores,

Well, I drove into a Sainsbury car park today. They had also removed the bottle bank facility, although they supply most of my bottles, of which there are many. I then decided I would rather drive to the local Tesco store which not only offered me 3 hours of free parking, cheap petrol, and recycling. My choice, and I spent my money at the Tesco store.

By Kevan