Public toilets in London in July 2021 – mostly in railway stations.

I struggled to find a toilet a couple of weeks ago whilst walking in London. I don’t walk very far, or fast, with about ten thousand steps currently being my absolute limit. I was managing less than two miles not that long ago; not everyone can walk for miles. Its irrelevant, but here are some … Read more

Walking the invisible wall around London town – originally in June 2021 and now updated for 2024 – a partially accessible walking tour.

I have been tracing the original Roman London wall around the city of London, and some parts of this are very easy to find, particularly near to the Tower of London, and the short stretch of the wall from here northwards towards Fenchurch street station. I also use maps old and new to explore what … Read more

Chelsea war museum, and the London wall – accessible options

I visited the war museum in Chelsea today. It is just by Chelsea hospital where the Chelsea pensioners live, in Royal Hospital road. An incredibly good few hours spent taking in a lot of war history all tastefully set out in exhibitions over several floors. The facilities are excellent, and as it is a new … Read more